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We pride ourselves in bringing not only our expertise to the table, but also our hearts — and it shows in hundreds of 5-star Google Reviews.

Here's the team that will make sure you feel taken care of at every step of the process.

Małgorzata (Nowotyńska) Magierska
Attorney at Law / Founder

Open-minded and warm-hearted, she is a leader with amazing energy.
Her mission is to make complex processes as simple as possible for Lexmotion's clients. She leads the firm as gracefully as she dances. She got her master's degree in law at the Jagiellonian University. Always looking for more tastes, sounds and colors to feed her senses. Observant, sees which way the wind blows.

Marcin Wesołowski
Managing Director

From teaching in China to giving business lectures in Swiss Montreux, Marcin loves exploring various dimensions of different cultures, languages and their impact on business. He visited over 50 countries & described his adventures in countless articles. Today, he’s using his leadership skills to manage the Lexmotion team.
Profile: Pragmatic, ambitious, curious, ambivert.
Passions: Travel, writing, reading, drawing, hiking.
Dislikes: Wasting time on things that don’t matter.
Dreams of: A trip to the Moon.
Superpowers: The ability to inspire others.

Anna Sławińska
Senior Polish Citizenship Specialist

She's able to make passports appear in the blink of an eye! Life-affirming mother of a little girl. She hails from southern Poland, studied in eastern Poland, and is currently on a mission to conquer Kraków - so she knows exactly how it feels to start a new chapter of life, in a new place. She enjoys her Scandinavian crime novels in the company of a glass of well-rounded and velvety red wine. She's a firm believer in the saying: "the steeper the path, the shorter the way to the top". Her very own house in the suburbs is her dream.

Katarzyna Witek
Polish Citizenship Specialist

Agnieszka Pawlus
Polish Citizenship Specialist

Barbara Wróblewska
Polish Citizenship Specialist

Sylwia Radoń
Polish Citizenship Specialist

Monika Romanowska
Polish Citizenship Specialist

Karolina Michalska
Polish Citizenship Specialist

Anna Kastory
Polish Citizenship Specialist

Paulina Wrona
Polish Citizenship Specialist

Kamil Łanuszka

Natalia Gruda
Junior Researcher

Dominika Giza
Polish Citizenship Specialist

Olga Serwon
Office Assistant

Magdalena Kurzeja
Office Coordinator

Kateryna Reszetnyk
Polish Citizenship Specialist

Navigates smoothly and efficiently across a sea of papers. A job such as hers can only be performed by a real perfectionist with a zero-tolerance policy for mistakes. To find any mistakes in the Polish citizenships applications she handles is harder than finding a unicorn! She got a master’s degree from the Jagiellonian University and graduated from UNESCO Dept. for Translation Studies and Intercultural Communication. Privately, she adores Asian and Spanish cuisine, she has a taste for good red wine, but won’t refuse a bit of chocolate as well.

Gosia Rak
Business Development & Operations

Creative and unconventional, she has vast experience gained from over a decade of globetrotting. She's lived & worked in numerous places across Europe, Asia and Northern America. She's a graduate of the Jagiellonian University and the Academy of Diplomacy at the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Now, she lives in sunny California, where she helps develop our overseas business. She's a master of four languages, and she keeps her energy level high via regular sessions of hot power yoga.

Szymon Żesławski
Product Manager

He has dedicated the last decade of his life to building and improving enjoyable user experiences on the web and mobiles. He's a petrolhead with a need for speed, who loves to retreat to the mountains, a computer sciences major who finds transcendence in electronic music, well-organised in his creative bursts, a visionary with a practical sense. He's the reason you feel so comfortable around the Lexmotion web page.

Gabriela Kosakowska
Legal Adviser

What others would label an “impossible case” she likes to call an “interesting challenge”. With a master’s degree from the Jagiellonian University, she’s skilled and experienced in civil and economic law. She moves through the areas of publicly-traded company transformations with comfort and style. When the time comes to unwind, away from the world of legal codes and business, she grabs a good crime novel or goes on a spontaneous skiing trip.

Tomasz Jakubowski
Software Architect

He's an experienced software architect - as much an engineer as an artist. He got his master's at the Jagiellonian University and, even back then, he was suspected by his peers to be a human-shaped mainframe rather than an analog human being. It would explain the astounding patience he displays while coding one brilliant new feature after another on the Lexmotion site. The suspicion is further backed by his choice of hobbies: Sci-Fi books and constructing gadgets.

Magda Nowotyńska

A recruitment professional with years of experience and countless employer/employee matching success stories behind her belt. Perceives time in a non-linear way that prevents her from accepting the existence of such term as "too late". When it comes to designer shoes, sneakers are her footwear of choice. She expresses herself through a sneaker-exclusive fashion blog. She's also into music, new technologies, but most of all: people.

Marta Szybka
Notary Public

Has a perfect track record of registering successful companies for Lexmotion. She is a charming professional with a smile that melts hearts and is always ready to take a few extra steps to find the best, client-oriented solutions. Her high work ethics and open, friendly nature help her to become personally invested in every case. She got her master’s degree in law from the Jagiellonian University. Employing a confident “go with the flow” philosophy in everyday life, she puts extraordinary focus into her work.

Arkadiusz Foryś
Legal Adviser

Legal counsel with a master's degree from the Jagiellonian University. He loves mountain tops as much as sandy beaches, but not as much as his cat, Bruno. No known addictions, maybe apart from an occasional wheat beer or two - for good health, not self-indulgence, of course. When asked about his dislikes, he gives a zen master-worthy reply: "I only dislike disliking".

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