Do you have Polish ancestors? Even if you don’t plan on moving to Poland now or any time soon, Polish citizenship could bring you great opportunities to enhance the quality of your life.

Here are five Polish citizenship benefits that show you how:
1. Polish Citizenship Benefits – all EU Benefits Included

2. Traveling Benefits – Travel Freely Throughout Europe

3. Career and Business Benefits – More Job Opportunities and Easier Trading

4. Family Benefits – All EU Rights Extended to Your Family

5. Education Benefits – Great Schools and Universities to Choose from

If you’ve got Polish blood it might be worthwhile to get a secondary passport as the ability to move to Poland is certainly not the only benefit you would derive from obtaining Polish citizenship.

Although Poland is one of the fastest growing EU countries, offering many career and business opportunities and good public education, it also simply is a member state of the European Union. Meaning you’ll receive a European passport that comes with all the advantages the EU provides, by getting your Polish citizenship confirmed.

Are you entitled to Polish citizenship by descent? Find out with our free eligibility quiz. If you are, the following five types of benefits of Polish citizenship might make you wonder why you haven’t claimed your secondary EU passport sooner.

1. Polish Citizenship Benefits – all EU Benefits Included

Not all countries offer their citizens the same opportunities and sometimes, the foreign ground is calling. The 28 EU countries offer great variety and are different in many ways but in one respect they are the same: they all make living, working, and traveling in their country easy for all EU citizens.

Being a Polish citizen automatically makes you an EU citizen. This guarantees you shall be offered the same residency opportunities, remuneration and conditions of work and employment as the citizens of the EU country of your choice have.

One of Lexmotion’s clients, Elizabeth from Denver, US, initially applied for her Polish passport to help her travel across Europe more easily. But as properties in Poland are much more affordable than in her home country, she decided to use her EU citizenship to purchase real estate here too. Although she could complete the procedure remotely with our help, Elizabeth decided to come to our office in Poland to meet us in person and check out some real estate at the same time.

Are you eligible to benefit from EU citizenship? Take the quiz to find out.

Learn more about Polish citizenship by descent.

2. Traveling Benefits – Travel Freely Throughout Europe

The European Union’s “Free Movement Directive” guarantees that you can travel freely around all EU countries plus Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland.

Passport holders from countries outside of the EU can stay in Europe for 90 days only in a period of 180 days since day 1. This limitation is completely solved by getting your Polish EU passport. No more visas and less procedures when traveling to and through the EU with your Polish passport. And for those who don’t need a visa to travel to Europe: by 2021 the new ETIAS system is expected to be in place.

With this system, visitors from visa-free countries will first need to apply for approval before traveling to the EU and there will be a small fee involved as well. With a secondary Polish passport this process won’t be necessary for you. Also convenient: there are special gates for EU citizens at European airports and there’s no border control inside the EU.

One of our clients, Jack, for instance, a US citizen who lives in San Francisco and works as an IT consultant, frequently travels to Berlin as the company he works for is headquartered there. Before he obtained his secondary Polish passport, he needed to go through the lengthy foreign passport control every single time. On top of that, he could only stay in the EU for 90 days every 6 months. That quickly changed when he realized he could claim Polish citizenship after his grandparents.

Jack’s grandparents emigrated from Poland to the USA in the ‘50s and their Polish passports expired. Initially, he expected this would obstruct the procedure. But with our help, Jack received his EU passport within 10 months without needing to go anywhere outside of his home. His new passport has halved the time Jack spends in airport queues and he can stay in the EU as long as he wants now.

Outside of the EU being Polish is also beneficial sometimes, as Poles can travel to many countries without visas. With a secondary passport, you can always choose to travel with the passport that is most welcome in the respective country.

3. Career and Business Benefits – More Job Opportunities and Easier Trading

You can enjoy various career and business benefits of Polish citizenship as well. With your European passport, it is both easier to apply for EU based job openings and to conduct (international) business in the region.

The European Union is the largest international single market in the world, which has lead to greater competition in services, removal of trade barriers, reduction of business costs, and elimination of anti-competitive practices – such as monopolies and cartels. In addition, the EU has taken measures to make it easier for countries within the region to trade with each other by reducing paperwork, harmonising standards, and of course, the introduction of the euro.

Without EU citizenship, you can also start a business in Europe, but you have to apply for a business residency permit that is strongly linked to your company and not transferable to others.

With an EU passport, you bypass this rule, and you’ll gain access to several financial benefits, such as grants to open and run your business.

Joseph, a business owner from the USA, was expanding operations into Europe.
He realized that having a Polish secondary passport would allow his company to benefit substantially in terms of local business, taxes, and access to financial support.

Again, it was the grandfather whose Polish citizenship enabled the passport obtainment and we managed to dig up the needed documents from the Polish archives.

And as for career opportunities: you’ll enjoy the exact same rights of workers that are living in the EU country of your choice and won’t need to arrange working permits anymore.

Our client Andrew, for instance, was working as a marketing specialist in New York when he got an exciting job offer in Brussel, Belgium. As a US citizen, however, he needed a work permit first. Moreover, he knew that once obtained, his permit would have to be renewed regularly. Andrew soon realized that getting himself a secondary Polish passport was the answer.

His Polish grandfather had served in the army during World War II but emigrated to the USA afterward.
The documents confirming his Polish citizenship seemed to have disappeared but luckily, we managed to help.

Soon after, Andrew was holding his EU passport, ready to start his dream job without the hassle of arranging work permits.

Also, the Polish passport doesn’t oblige you to be a part of the Polish retirement system. It simply increases your possibilities and gives you the opportunity to choose the best place for you to work and live within the EU.

Want to expand your business into the EU or work in any of the 28 member countries? Take the test to check if your eligible for Polish citizenship by descent.

4. Family Benefits – All EU Rights Extended to Your Family

All aforementioned rights and benefits will also apply to your family. When you travel, for instance, the same freedom of movement extends to your designated family members (spouse, partner, children and grandchildren, parents and grandparents). This is true, even if they don’t hold EU citizenship themselves. provided they accompany you. Your residential rights as EU citizen extend to your family members who share accommodation with you as well.

Once you’ve claimed your Polish citizenship by descent, you can do the same for your children, too. And you never know how much they might need it in the future, both professionally and personally.

Are you eligible for an EU passport for you and your family? Check if it’s in your DNA.

5. Education Benefits – Great Schools and Universities to Choose from

Both Poland and other countries in the EU have very good public education. Obtaining Polish citizenship enables you to apply to various schools and universities. And when you’re looking to broaden your horizons by studying in the EU, a European passport makes the application process a lot easier for you.

If needed, Lexmotion can carry out the required paperwork to get your heritage based passport within a tight time frame. On average, we take you through the whole process in around 10 months time but due to an excessive amount of cases that are being processed, it can take up to 14 months.

Our client Mary from Australia, for instance, wanted to study at a prestigious university in Barcelona, Spain. Usually, it’s quite tough for anyone outside of the EU to get accepted here but because Mary discovered she could claim her Polish citizenship by descent, she got the chance to pursue her dreams.

With her new Polish passport, she managed to get in. In Mary’s case – whose parents emigrated from Poland to Australia in the 70’s – Lexmotion carried out the whole process in only 9 months time.

As you can tell by the cases described above, claiming your Polish citizenship by descent need not take a lot of time. The whole process can be carried out remotely, until the moment you pick up your new passport at your nearest consulate.

Find out if you can benefit from Polish citizenship and easy application processes too. Take our free quiz today and discover how to obtain your secondary passport in 12 steps.