Hi, we are LexmotionWe dare to be different. We are 3.0. Meet us; meet the young face of legal services online in Poland and worldwide. Read this article to understand how we see Lexmotion and why you benefit from it.


What is your perfect law firm?


How would you like to work with a law firm today? Maybe you still see an attorney in loose suit sitting in an office full of papers? It’s the XXI century and we want to show you how to offer legal services in a way that is convenient for you. Everything went global, therefore an approachable law firm on the other side of the world shouldn’t be something hard to find. As any other industry, legal services should follow the technological, demographical and cultural trends of today as the way we live and work is fundamentally changing. We see it, we adapt to it to provide you with the best solutions.


What we do?


Lexmotion specializes in consultancy and legal support in getting Polish citizenship, stay card, work permit, as well as other procedures needed to legally conduct businesswork, and life in Poland. In the last 10 years we have created an efficient system of services based on use of modern technologies, which is highly valued by our clients. Immigration Law is what we have chosen as our specialization because we ourselves brace the era of mobility, and we believe no one should be exluded from having the same possibilities without legal obstacles.

Legal services Lexmotion fresh approach on immigration law from poland

Here to help


Being online is not only answering your emails asap (which we also do!). To save your time, we minimize the time you have to spend in person on the procedures we help you with. There are even procedures where you don’t even have to be in Poland at all, we arrange everything for you!

Law firm that understands


Being online also means being responsible, in our case it is being responsible for your knowledge about the legal procedures we specialize in. Law was and is complicated, although the internet gives a false image of easy answers. We want to provide answers and analyse legal issues to prevent you from reading forum gibberish. It matters because it is the quality of your life that is at stake here. Every misunderstanding can lead to unpleasant consequences, even though they can be avoided easily.

Solutions that are beneficial for you


We also believe in transparency. Whenever we can, we offer a fixed price and explain in detail the options that you have. We don’t ask you to work with us until we know that you can successfully undergo the procedure – that’s why we have introduced the free eligibility test. It is a very simple, yet effective solution. Thanks to the information you provide us we are able to choose the right procedure for you without losing your time, provide you with an exact quotation, timeline of events and list of the necessary documents you have to gather. What you gain? A certainty that we will be able to successfully lead your case and information how much it will cost you in advance.


Legal services tailored for XXI century


Lexmotion is all about being approachable, honest and effective. This is what we expect from ourselves as this is also the way we like to be treated. We hope that you share our point of view and we will have a chance to meet your demands.