If you’re looking to apply for Polish citizenship by descent, you should know the process involves a lot of documentation and legal procedure. From recognizing your family heritage to gaining the freedom of travel and employment throughout the European Union, the benefits of Polish citizenship are highly worth it.

However, if you’re daunted by the complex legal processes, from applications to paying fees, it helps to hire outside support to make the process much less painful. We may be biased, but we highly recommend getting in touch with Lexmotion – here’s why!

What does Lexmotion do?

At Lexmotion, we specialize in helping foreign nationals with Polish heritage apply for Polish citizenship, as well as a Polish passport. In either application process, we combine our legal skills and expertise of the Polish bureaucratic landscape to help you at every step.

From a free test to see if you’re eligible, to document finding skills and support in the final application form, our services can help yourself and your family get the benefits of Polish citizenship.

We treat each case uniquely

We understand that applying for Polish citizenship isn’t just a formality. For many of our clients, obtaining this status is also about recognizing their Polish roots and heritage. It’s a personal journey as much as a formal one.

Lexmotion is not a large corporate giant. It’s a team of passionate experts that enjoy each and every case that we work on. That’s why we’re personal, treating your circumstances individually and giving it the focus and attention it requires, no half measures.

We are located in Poland

Whilst you do not need to be in Poland to make your application, there are times when direct activity in the country is beneficial. For example, during the process to become a Polish citizen, you may need a Polish mail address, and at other times, you may need to deal with local authorities.

Our presence on your behalf means you don’t have to fly out for such small instances. You can enjoy your time at home and trust that we are seeing to your needs here in Poland.

We make it as simple as possible

Very few people enjoy dealing with legal procedures and applications. We understand that the road to obtain Polish citizenship is full of many steps that require a lot of work, but fortunately that’s our business.

From the very beginning, we can ensure your case is not only as successful as possible, but also as trouble free. We can help with any step you require, from documentation to the final application.

Finding necessary documents in Poland

In order to apply for Polish citizenship, you need to provide numerous documents, including not only your own birth certificate, but similar birth, marriage and even death records. These documents can exist anywhere between your home country and Poland, and it’s in the latter case that we provide critical support.

Navigating Polish procedures and dealing with local bodies is one of the key services we provide. More than just direct experience here, we know the legal landscape well and can speak the language. This way, our company can help fill in the gaps in your required records from Poland. We’ve found that our help greatly quickens the process, whilst also removing many potential headaches.

Sworn translations

When collecting documentions, translations are likely to come up. Not only must your Polish citizenship application be submitted in Polish, but many documents may need to be translated too. For this, you’ll need an official translation from a registered, sworn translator recognized by the Polish government. This is another part of the process that we can simplify for you.

Family support

What’s more, if you have other cases in your family, such as siblings and direct descendents, we can further streamline the process and even include a family discount!

This is because many of the steps for each individual will be identical to most cases in your family, so with some foreplanning we can make the process as streamlined as can be.

We understand the legal landscape

Finally, one of the most obvious benefits of any legal team is that we have the full range of legal skills. However, unlike others, we’re not a jack-in-the-box of skills and capabilities.

This is because, unlike others, our team consists of fully specialized individuals. Whether you need an attorney, a notary or even a dedicated Polish citizenship specialist to aid in finding documents, we specialize in our strengths. Individually, we can take care of each of your needs and, together, we provide a powerful team that you can count on.

So how long does everything take?

We won’t lie to you: the road to Polish citizenship is not the quickest. Depending on your specific circumstances, you may need to find lots of documents.

Likewise, the Polish government then needs to look through the received documents and application. In our experience, this can take a few months. Generally, the more files you send in your application, and the more difficult it is to find them, the longer it will take. This is because the Polish authorities also need to confirm all the information you sent.

All in all, from start to finish, getting Polish citizenship by descent will most likely take 10-14 months. Nonetheless, it’s the early steps that take up a lot of time, and that’s where our business can help you the most.

Where to start

So, if you’re looking for a company that not only takes the Polish citizenship process seriously, but treats all of their clients with respect, let’s talk. Whether you’re applying to get in touch with your heritage, to gain a Polish passport or explore the benefits of EU citizenship, we can help. Perhaps you simply still have questions. In which case, don’t wait!

You can even start by taking our eligibility quiz. It’s quick, free and will give you a good idea if you’re eligible for citizenship.

Are you by any chance of Polish origin? Find out if you are eligible for EU citizenship by taking the test below:

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