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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Polish Citizenship Certificate is a complicated process. However, we have prepared answers to the most popular questions regarding Polish Citizenship eligibility, getting Polish Citizenship certificate, Polish document search and other issues that are important for our clients. 

What is Lexmotion? is a website owned and run by Lexmotion Law Office of Małgorzata Nowotyńska

Where is Lexmotion located?

We are located in Kraków, Poland but we offer our services worldwide. Thanks to our vast experience we are able to conduct Polish Citizenship Certificate procedure online to later send all your documents directly to you!

How can I verify if Lexmotion is a legitimate business?

You can also verify that we are a legitimate company in following manners:

  1. Polish Government – the Ministry of Economic development runs the Central Registration and Information on Business, where you can find our company. How to do it?
  2. European commission runs a tool named VIES VAT number validation where you just choose Poland as member state and then type our NIP [Taxpayer’s Identification Number] number (6751317344), which is also our EU VAT number.

Małgorzata Nowotyńska, the owner of Lexmotion Law Office, is a licensed Legal Counsel. Her number of entry in the list of legal advisors in Poland is KR-2507. She can be found on the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Kraków’s website at, the website is in Polish though.

You can also read the reviews left by our satisfied customers here

Can Lexmotion work 100% remotely?

Yes, we can! You won't have to visit Poland to get your Polish Citizenship and your Polish Passport. All the documents needed for the procedure can be sent via mail and we will be able to complete all the formalities in Poland on your behalf.

Am I eligible for the Polish citizenship?

If any of your ancestors was Polish, you are most probably eligible for Polish Citizenship. But to be 100% sure you should take our free eligibility test

How long does it take to certify Polish citizenship?

Getting you a Polish Citizenship Certificate and any other documents necessary to receive your Polish passport takes around six to nine months, but depending on the case, it can be faster. Our record is three weeks!

My ancestor was born in Poland and I have their birth certificate, does that make me eligible for Polish citizenship?

Birth certificate alone will not be sufficient as we will have to prove that your ancestor was a citizen of Poland and did not lose the citizenship during their lifetime. You can read more about etting Polish Citizenship through Right of Blood in our article here.

Can a Polish citizen have dual citizenship?

According to the Polish Law dual citizenship is allowed.

My ancestor renounced Polish citizenship. Can I apply for the Polish Citizenship by descent?

If your ancestor renounced Polish citizenship officially before Polish consul or any other Polish authority, you are, unfortunately, not eligible to apply. However, please make sure that you are not mistaking renouncing citizenship with naturalization or gaining other citizenship. You do not lose Polish citizenship automatically in these cases, renouncing citizenship means voluntarily filing an application for renunciation of citizenship.

Can Polish Citizenship Certificate be used as Polish ID? Is this the same as a passport?

No, Polish Citizenship Certificate cannot be used neither as Polish ID nor as Polish Passport. You will have to apply for these documents at your nearest Polish consulate.

Do I need to speak Polish to apply for polish citizenship?

If you are eligible for Polish Citizenship Certificate by descent, you don't need to speak Polish to apply for Polish Citizenship.

My ancestors were Polish, but now it's modern Ukraine, Belarus or Lithuania, can I apply for Polish Citizenship?

Provided we will have enough documents to prove that your ancestors were Polish there will be no problem with your applying for Polish Citizenship by descent.

Is Polish Citizenship an EU Citizenship?

Yes, it is! Poland is a member of the European Union and therefore along with Polish Citizenship you gain all the priviledges that a EU citizen has.

I have Polish ancestry and I would love my children to have Polish Citizenship - do I have to apply for Polish Citizenship in order to enable them to have it?

Your children can apply individually as you share the direct ancestry line and due to Polish law that makes them eligible for Polish citizenship as well.

What should I do after I receive Polish Citizenship Certificate in order to get a Polish passport?

As soon as we receive your Polish Citizenship Certificate, we will inform you and prepare PESEL and passport application for you. Then we will send full package of documents required for obtaining passport to your address (we will ask you to confirm the address a day before sending the documents). Delivery time is usually up to 5 days. After you receive the package, you have to visit Polish Consulate and submit passport and PESEL applications. You have to do it in person, as you have to have your fingerprints taken. Polish Consulate will issue your Polish Passport.

Is it possible to have a Polish passport along with other passport(s)

Yes, it is permitted. Nevertheless, as a Polish citizen you are obliged to have a valid Polish passport or Polish ID when entering Poland.

As part of the passport process I see that I must have a PESEL number. How can I get it?

Don’t worry! Your PESEL number will be issued automatically on the basis of your Polish civil records (which we have gotten for you as a part of the process). You will not have to fill out any application, as it will be done by the nearest Polish consulate on your behalf (during the passport visit).

In order to get a PESEL number I see that my birth needs to be registered in Poland. Do I have to do it? Will it cost extra if you were to do it?

No, you don't have to worry about it. We will register your birth in Poland, that's part of our services in Polish Citizenship Confirmation procedure, and it's included in the fee.

I don't speak Polish, will I be able to arrange everything in the Polish Consulate?

Of course you will! We will prepare all the paperwork in Polish for you and the staff of Polish consulate will help you in your language without any problem.

Am I not already a Polish citizen through bloodline? Do I require a Polish Citizen Certificate to obtain a passport? Do you obtain both the certificate and the passport for me?

Yes, you are, but it has to be proven. Polish Citizenship Certificate is required to obtain Polish Passport. We help you to get the Polish Citizenship Certificate and prepare all the documents required for Polish Passport (we fill out all the forms as well). The only thing you will have to do is submitting your Passport application - you have to do this in person as you have to have your fingerprints taken.

Can I travel freely in Schengen Area with Polish Passport?

Polish Passport and Polish ID are the documents that permit you to travel around the countries of the European Union freely.

Can you guarantee confidentionality?

We guarantee confidentiality of all personal data provided to us. We use them only in terms of procedure of confirming the Polish citizenship and we do not share them with third parties. Please take a look at our privacy policy:

What legal obligations are placed upon foreigners who also hold a Polish passport?

For Polish citizens residing outside Poland there are no legal obligations placed upon.

What is the Power of Attorney and why do you need it?

The Power of Attorney is a document that authorizes us to represent you. It is a necessity if we are to help you in confirming your Polish Citizenship.

What authority am I granting your office with the Power of Attorney? Screen reader support enabled. What authority am I granting your office with the Power of Attorney?

It permits the legal counsel Małgorzata Nowotyńska to act on your behalf during the procedure of obtaining your Polish Citizenship Certificate.

In detail, she can represent you before the state and self-government administrative organs in order to:

  • apply for Polish citizenship confirmation,
  • obtain any relevant official documents, including vital records of your ancestors who were born in Poland,
  • register foreign vital records, supplement and correct vital records.

It is strictly limited to actions necessary to get you your Polish Citizenship

Does that Power of Attorney expire?

It naturally expires when we obtain your Polish Citizenship Certificate, but it can also be revoked. According to Polish Law, you just have to inform Lexmotion that you no longer wish we represent you.

Will I receive a copy of any/all documents found in archives that refer to my family?

You will receive the scanned copies as soon as we find any documents. The physical copies will be sent to you after your Polish Citizenship Certificate is issued (we need them during the procedure).

My ancestors were Polish, but now it's modern Ukraine, Belarus or Lithuania, can Lexmotion help me with the document search?

The documents of your ancestor(s) can also be found in modern Polish archives, even foreign archives in some cases! Nevertheless, Lexmotion only handles document search in Polish archives. If we run out of options for Polish-based searching, we provide you with contacts and possible options to continue your search in foreign archives.

It always depends on your family's history and this is why we encourage you to take the free eligibility test so we can make the most out of the information and documents you already have.

If more members of my family want to apply for Polish Citizenship, will they have to conduct the document search individually?

As long as they share one ancestral line one search will be engough, as we will be looking for the same documents.

How much does it cost to get Polish Citizenship Certificate?

The cost of our service depends on the date of your ancestror's/ancestors' emigration. It is also depends on whether you have sufficient documents for the procedure. Nevertheless, thanks to our free eligibility test we are able to give you the price almost immediately.

Do I have to pay for your services in advance?

For the Polish Citizenship Certificate we charge the fee in two instalments: one when we begin working together and the other after the Certificate is issued. In case of document search we ask for a payment in advance.

Can I get a discount on your services?

We will be glad to give you a discount! The more family members go through the procedure with you the lower the price gets. This way you can get even a 30% discount!

Do I have to pay in Polish Zloty for your services?

Of couse no, you can pay for your Polish Citizenship Certificate and the document search in the following currencies: USD (US dollar), EUR (Euro), GBP (British Pound), AUD (Australian dollar), CAD (Canadian dollar), PLN (Polish Zloty).

Do you offer secure payments?

Yes, our clients have various methods of payment available, among them Paypal is the most secure.

Will I get my money back if you won't be able to get me my Polish Citizenship Certificate?

We offer result-based pricing. That means our pricing is based on the result we deliver. It’s simple, at the beginning of the Polish citizenship procedure you pay the 1st instalment (50%) and according to our result-based pricing, you don't have to pay the 2nd instalment (50%) if your Polish Citizenship Certificate is not issued because of reasons we have an influence on. You can learn about our Result-based pricing policy here.


If the document search is not sucessful, can I get a refund?

We cannot control the outcome of the archive search procedure, therefore the fee for finding missing family documents is not covered by our money-back guarantee.

Can I pay with a Western Union money transfer?

Yes, of course!

I'd like to make a wire transfer from my bank. Could you please advise me how to do this?

We can provide you with all the necessary data, however we will not be able to help you with the actual transfer.

Is there a reduction on cost if I get originals certified by polish consulate?

We offer discounts if more members of your family would like to use our assistance. Reduction because of providing us with certified copies in the Polish consulate is not available

Does Lexmotion's fee include the fee for issuing the Polish passport?

No, it does not.

What documents are necessary to get Polish Ctitzenship?

We will need birth/marriage/death certificates, Polish ID’s, Polish passports, documents from Polish army. You may not have all of them, but send us the ones you have so we can assess them.

Do I have to send you original documents in order to get my Polish Citizenship Certificate?

At some point we will need those documents as originals, but at the beginning we will only need scanned copies.

What is the difference between an official duplicate and a certified copy?

There are three types of documentation:

original (document with stamp and signature, issued on a date of the event)

official duplicate (document with stamp and signature, issued years after the event took place, on a basis of data stored by official authorities);

copy (photocopy of a document) which can be certified as a true copy by a Consulate or motarized by a notary public.

Sometimes we ask for a specific type of documentation as it is demanded by law to provide it.

Will I receive all the documents that I have sent to your office back with my Certificate of Polish Citizenship?

After issuing your Citizenship Certificate all your documents will be returned to you, except your birth certificate, that has to be registered in Poland, and won't be given back to us. The Registry Office in Poland has to keep it, but instead of your country's birth certificate you will be provided with a Polish one.

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