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If you are among the over 15 million people of Polish origin across the world, then you are halfway to having your Polish citizenship by descent. Basically, all you need is Polish origins and the papers to prove it. If you don’t have those documents to hand, don’t worry. We know the archives and can find them for you. There are no language requirements and you won’t need to travel to Poland. It’s all done remotely, up until you pick up your new passport at the nearest consulate. Over the past decade, hundreds of people have trusted us on their journey towards Polish citizenship.

Polish citizenship opens many doors

There are many reasons to get a Polish passport and many opportunities that it provides. Explore them, for yourself and your family.
By claiming your Polish citizenship you also become an EU citizen. Simply put, that means you gain the right to travel freely across the EU without spending time in queues at the airports and offices. You can live, study or work wherever you want inside the European Union. You can purchase real estate or run a business too. Take a great step and seize those opportunities. If you value being in the right place at the right time, then having a secondary passport is a wise choice.

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We're regular people, each of us extraordinary in our way - just like you! We have our passions, and we make a point of following our dreams - that's why we understand the importance of your dreams and goals.  This is the main motivation behind our team’s support for our clients. Since 2006, we've been helping you to reach your life goals within EU countries.

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  • J. T. (Reino Unido)
    J. T. (Reino Unido)

    Esta semana hemos estado muy emocionados por la noticia de la confirmación de nuestra ciudadanía polaca. No sabemos cómo expresar adecuadamente nuestro enorme agradecimiento a todos Uds. por el tiempo y la atención dedicados a nuestra solicitud. Gracias por la meticulosidad en la preparación de nuestros documentos y por suministrar toda la información a la oficina del Voivoda en el momento y en la forma oportunos. Gracias por todo – la experiencia con Uds. ha sido maravillosa.

    E.G. (United Kingdom)
    E.G. (United Kingdom)

    As others have said before me, Lexmotion have done exactly what it says on the tin! Completely trustworthy, speedy in their responses and friendly throughout. I could never have done this single-handedly, it was money well spent. I and my children are delighted to be Polish citizens. Thank you!

    P. B.

    For more than 5 years my family continues to use Lexmotion's legal assistance. All matters related to running a business activity, residence and day to day life in Poland have always been treated with competence and responsibility. I sincerely recommend their services.

  • L.K. (Canada)
    L.K. (Canada)

    Thank you so much Lexmotion for helping me with my Polish citizenship. All along the way, you were so kind, patient and helpful with my questions. You made everything so smooth and achievable for me, step by step. I highly recommend your services to anyone, they will be lucky to have your knowledge, care and professionalism.

    S. G. (Australia)
    S. G. (Australia)

    Hace poco estuve en contacto con Lexmotion con el fin de tramitar mi solicitud de confirmación de la ciudadanía polaca. El responsable que me fue asignado era extremadamente competente, siempre me mantuvo al tanto del progreso de mi trámite y llevó mi caso con profesionalismo en todos los aspectos. Me impresionó mucho la paciencia y la claridad con la que el responsable de mi caso me explicaba el proceso y los requerimientos que debía cumplir.

    J. T. (United Kingdom)
    J. T. (United Kingdom)

    We were very excited this week to hear of the positive confirmation of our Polish Citizenship. We cannot sufficiently express our gratitude to all of you for the time and attention that you gave to our application. Thank you for the thoroughness with which you prepared all of our documentation and for providing all of the necessary information to the Department as and when they requested it. Thank you again for everything – this has all been a wonderful experience.

  • S. W. (Australia)
    S. W. (Australia)

    Getting Polish Citizenship seemed a difficult task, with heaps of beuractatic red tape designed to confuse and delay. That's why I chose Krzysztof Banek to help me. I like the fact that I just bundled up the official documents I had here and sent them all off to Lexmotion, he handled everything, whilst keeping me regularily updated. This saved me a lot of time. The Polish Citizenship Confirmation took about 4-5 months which was great.

    T. K. (Sudáfrica)
    T. K. (Sudáfrica)

    Personalmente estoy inmensamente impresionado con su eficiencia y profesionalismo en el manejo de mi caso. Avalo y recomiendo ampliamente los servicios de Lexmotion como representante. Vayan mis sinceros agradecimientos al equipo de Lexmotion por su amable asistencia.

    H. K. (Israel)
    H. K. (Israel)

    It is our great pleasure to warmly and highly recommend the very professional and correct process we've been through our effort to obtain the Polish citizenship. For our great surprise if took only few months to complete to whole process and get the final official document. We wish to thank Lexmotion team for the great service and wish them all the very best!

  • B. T.-G. (Brasil)
    B. T.-G. (Brasil)

    Visto que é muito difícil de se obter a cidadania polonesa em minha cidade natal, Curitiba, Brasil, agradeço muito que, com sua ajuda, conseguimos obtê-la de forma tão simples. Portanto, fico feliz em dizer que já recomendamos seus serviços para outras pessoas que têm direito à cidadania.

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