Australian with Polish origin? Then it's easy! You're already halfway towards having Polish citizenship by descent

Want to stay in Europe for longer? Your Polish citizenship allows you to access all the travel, work and cultural opportunities in the EU

Why this choice makes great sense

It’s your right.

If you emigrated from Poland, or one of your ancestors did, you are almost certainly entitled to Polish citizenship.

The whole procedure will be remarkably quick and straightforward, and you won’t have to speak any Polish to complete it. If you don't have any documents confirming your Polish descent, our researchers know all the archives containing the records needed. Lastly, we're always here to support you and your family as you claim your rights.

You will be an EU citizen.

Think about your future. Open up to a world of possibilities for you and your family with secondary Polish citizenship!

Poland is a European Union state so, by obtaining Polish citizenship, you automatically acquire all the rights and benefits enjoyed by EU citizens. That means you'll be able to travel across the EU without interruption, saving time and effort at airports and borders. You may also study, work and live freely. Simple as that.

We’re here to help.

Step-by-step you'll be supported by our experienced team, meaning you don’t face complex bureaucratic issues yourself.

There’s no need to step outside your house as everything can be managed remotely. Also, our rates are the best on the market. Over the past decade, we’ve successfully acquired hundreds of passports and our high satisfaction rate made it easy for us to offer this: either you receive your citizenship, or we’ll give you your money back.

Our team on your side


We're regular people, each of us extraordinary in our way - just like you! We have our passions, and we make a point of following our dreams - that's why we understand the importance of your dreams and goals.  This is the main motivation behind our team’s support for our clients. Since 2006, we've been helping you to reach your life goals within EU countries.

Our clients become our friends

  • S. W. (Australia)
    S. W. (Australia)

    Getting Polish Citizenship seemed a difficult task, with heaps of beuractatic red tape designed to confuse and delay. That's why I chose Krzysztof Banek to help me. I like the fact that I just bundled up the official documents I had here and sent them all off to Lexmotion, he handled everything, whilst keeping me regularily updated. This saved me a lot of time. The Polish Citizenship Confirmation took about 4-5 months which was great.

    J.B (USA)
    J.B (USA)

    I couldn't have been happier with the services I received. However I was quickly put at ease with Malgorzata's patience in answering questions, clear instructions on expectations. I would recommend this service to anyone and wish I had done it years ago. 

    M.K (Brasil)
    M.K (Brasil)

    I highly recommend Lexmotion for obtaining a Polish Citizenship. Their team are thorough workers, prompt at replying, professional in their duties and knowledgeable on the process. They allow this process to be simple and stress less for the client. Thank you for helping me become Polish!

  • B. H. (Australia)
    B. H. (Australia)

    Thank you for your prompt communication. And thank you for your work in making this possible. I have been very impressed with the very professional way you have dealt with all my requests and communications throughout the whole process.

    K. K. (USA)
    K. K. (USA)

    This is to certify that I have availed myself of the services of Lexmotion for an application for Polish citizenship, and that I am very satisfied with the outcome. Lexmotion nevertheless managed to overcome the legal hurdles. I received Polish Citizenship Certificate and I now look forward to being issued with a Polish passport in the near future.

    M.W-K (United Kingdom)
    M.W-K (United Kingdom)

    I approached ‘Lexmotion’ to start the process of applying for Polish citizenship and I was delighted by the prompt and helpful response that I received. The service that I had from the company was exceptional. Although I am fluent in Polish they conducted all our correspondence in excellent English that meant that all our business was conducted in an unambiguous and completely understandable manner. The process although lengthy was handled efficiently and I am now the proud recipient of my Polish naturalization certificate that I shall always treasure. Thank you Lexmotion. 

  • T. K. (South Africa)
    T. K. (South Africa)

    Personally, I am immensely impressed with their efficiency and professionalism in dealing with my case. I highly endorse and recommend the use of Lexmotion to serve as proxy. My sincere thanks go out to Lexmotion team for their kind assistance.

    A.K (USA)
    A.K (USA)

    I would like to thank Lexmotion for assisting me in receiving my Polish citizenship. Their competent and friendly team turned what would have been a daunting bureaucratic obstacle into an accessible and pleasant endeavor. Whenever I had a question or a concern they were there to guide me through the process. Team are exceptionally professional and I would recommend them with utmost confidence.

    J.H (United Kingdom)
    J.H (United Kingdom)

    We highly recommend Lexmotion to anyone wishing to obtain Polish citizenship. The whole progress was smooth and efficient from start to finish. We are delighted to now have Polish citizenship and I’m very happy . Thank you again to the whole team.

  • G.G. (United Kingdom)
    G.G. (United Kingdom)

    Thank you again for your assistance in the process over the pass year, I have been very impressed with your professionalism and quick responses. Your team have made the process very smooth and I congratulate on that.

Polish citizenship opens your way to European Union.

We're an experienced legal team that will guide you through the process.