Australian with Polish origin? Then it's easy! You're already halfway towards having Polish citizenship by descent

Want to stay in Europe for longer? Your Polish citizenship allows you to access all the travel, work and cultural opportunities in the EU

Why this choice makes great sense

It’s your right.

If you emigrated from Poland, or one of your ancestors did, you are almost certainly entitled to Polish citizenship.

The whole procedure will be remarkably quick and straightforward, and you won’t have to speak any Polish to complete it. If you don't have any documents confirming your Polish descent, our researchers know all the archives containing the records needed. Lastly, we're always here to support you and your family as you claim your rights.

You will be an EU citizen.

Think about your future. Open up to a world of possibilities for you and your family with secondary Polish citizenship!

Poland is a European Union state so, by obtaining Polish citizenship, you automatically acquire all the rights and benefits enjoyed by EU citizens. That means you'll be able to travel across the EU without interruption, saving time and effort at airports and borders. You may also study, work and live freely. Simple as that.

We’re here to help.

Step-by-step you'll be supported by our experienced team, meaning you don’t face complex bureaucratic issues yourself.

There’s no need to step outside your house as everything can be managed remotely. Also, our rates are the best on the market. Over the past decade, we’ve successfully acquired hundreds of passports and our high satisfaction rate made it easy for us to offer this: either you receive your citizenship, or we’ll give you your money back.

Our team on your side


We're regular people, each of us extraordinary in our way - just like you! We have our passions, and we make a point of following our dreams - that's why we understand the importance of your dreams and goals.  This is the main motivation behind our team’s support for our clients. Since 2006, we've been helping you to reach your life goals within EU countries.

Our clients become our friends

  • R.C (United Kingdom)
    R.C (United Kingdom)

    What a great service! Thanks to Malgorzata who handled my applications and that of my children, for citizenship and passports in an efficient and friendly manner keeping me updated every step of the way.

    D.S (USA)
    D.S (USA)

    With family roots deep in Poland and with the diligent efforts of Lexmotion, I was able to fulfill my dream of becoming a Polish citizen in order to find a position in Poland, move there and settle. After I find a position, I will be able to fulfill my dream but also my grandfather's as well. It has been a long road to get here, but the "journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

    J.B. (Honduras)
    J.B. (Honduras)

    I would definitely recommend the legal services of Lexmotion to all those interested in obtaining Polish citizenship. Lexmotion legal advisors proved to be very knowledgeable about the process. The Lexmotion team was very helpful and guided my brother and me throughout the process, providing key dates and deliverables until the process was finally completed. Now I have scheduled an appointment for the passport application at the nearest Polish Embassy. Thank you Malgorzata and her team for turning a dream that seemed idealistic into a reality.

  • R.M. (Bolivia)
    R.M. (Bolivia)

    I would like to thank Malgorzata , Anna and specially Karolina that with her we finally finished all of the procedure to obtain our Polish citizenship . My family and I are so thankful to all of you for helping us reach a desired dream. My father that had to flee before world war II, He would be so proud and thankful that I don’t know where to start thanking you for being such a fantastic law firm and people . You are FANTASTIC... thank you very much.

    P.R. (Brazil)
    P.R. (Brazil)

    I researched a lot before hiring an office to do my Polish citizenship recognition process and I ended up opting for Lexmotion. I have to say it was the best choice! Throughout the process the advice provided by the professionals of Lexmotion was very clear, objective, and also always with great seriousness and competence. Besides being very professional and always ready to answer all questions. I consider myself very satisfied and strongly recommend Lexmotion services.

    J.B (USA)
    J.B (USA)

    I couldn't have been happier with the services I received. However I was quickly put at ease with Malgorzata's patience in answering questions, clear instructions on expectations. I would recommend this service to anyone and wish I had done it years ago. 

  • M.W (United Kingdom)
    M.W (United Kingdom)

    It was a great feeling when my Polish Citizenship was granted. Lexmotion was diligent, polite and professional. I do not hesitate to recommend Lexmotion.

    M.L ( United Kingdom)
    M.L ( United Kingdom)

    I have just obtained my passport application accepted at the Polish consulate in London today ! From the outset I had complete faith in Lexmotion when using them to obtain Polish citizenship. It can be a bureaucratic process so I was pleased at how smoothly it went. The communication was always clear and I had regular updates on my case. Each stage was explained clearly and I was given realistic timelines. It all felt like a very personal service. I would thoroughly recommend Lexmotion to anyone wanting to obtain Polish citizenship. Thanks for all your help during my application.

    A.B. (United Kingdom)
    A.B. (United Kingdom)

    I chose Lexmotion after reading about them online. From the outset they have shown the perfect balance of efficient professionalism and friendly support. You feel able to ask any questions without fear and soon realise that you can rely on swift and comprehensive responses. Each step of the process is explained clearly along with estimates of how long stages may take. I am very happy to recommend Lexmotion without reservation and in our case especially Karolina Pszczoła our assigned Polish Citizenship specialist. Many thanks to all those involved and we wish continued success to the whole team at Lexmotion.

  • P.R (United Kingdom)
    P.R (United Kingdom)

    It has been a pleasure working with you and Lexmotion Law Firm in getting my Polish Citizenship Certificate - the research and gathering of historical documents to help complete the application process was very helpful especially as there were instances where you needed to speak or write Polish to get the documents. I would highly recommend Lexmotion Law Firm as the go to source to get your Polish Citizenship.

Polish citizenship opens your way to European Union.

We're an experienced legal team that will guide you through the process.