Our legal team will help you - and your family - claim your Polish citizenship by descent, so you can start enjoying the benefits of a Polish EU passport even within the next 3-6 months


As a Polish citizen, you have the right to not only visit any EU country without visa, but also to move there to live, work, study, retire or buy real estate 

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If you're a person of Polish descent, the procedure can be so simple that in most cases you won't be even required to visit Poland. Or do you want to live in Poland, but don't have any Polish roots? You can still obtain Polish passport! Working remotely, we'll find the best individual course of action for you. We will not charge you for checking your eligibility!

Poland and the EU. The prospects.

Poland is an European Union state - secure, stable and with great prospects for development. To its citizens, it offers world-renowned education system and social care. Polish passport will grant you the legal right to work and conduct business in Poland. As a Polish citizen you'll also be a citizen of the European Union, free to travel and live in all of the EU member countries.

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We're here to protect you from making procedural mistakes that will prolong the process or even bring about some unpleasant consequences. We will plot the optimal route for you using our experience and location in Poland to your advantage. Our friendly and competent legal team will communicate with you in your own language. Worried about our fee for all that help? You'll see how reasonable our prices are!

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We're regular people, each of us extraordinary in our way - just like you! We have our passions, and we make a point of following our dreams - that's why we understand the importance of your dreams and goals.  This is the main motivation behind our team’s support for our clients. Since 2006, we've been helping you to reach your life goals within EU countries.

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  • A.K (United Kingdom)
    A.K (United Kingdom)

    When we started searching the internet for information on applying for Polish citizenship, Lexmotion was the company that immediately came up. The website was clear, informative and well written. Our initial enquiry received a quick and professional looking response which confirmed our research which had indicated that I would qualify through descent as would my sisters, our children and grandchildren. We decided to proceed and have been impressed by the very professional service we have received. All communications have been dealt with swiftly and the standard of English, written and spoken, has been excellent so we would not hesitate to recommend Lexmotion.

    M.K (Brasil)
    M.K (Brasil)

    I highly recommend Lexmotion for obtaining a Polish Citizenship. Their team are thorough workers, prompt at replying, professional in their duties and knowledgeable on the process. They allow this process to be simple and stress less for the client. Thank you for helping me become Polish!

    M.L ( United Kingdom)
    M.L ( United Kingdom)

    I have just obtained my passport application accepted at the Polish consulate in London today ! From the outset I had complete faith in Lexmotion when using them to obtain Polish citizenship. It can be a bureaucratic process so I was pleased at how smoothly it went. The communication was always clear and I had regular updates on my case. Each stage was explained clearly and I was given realistic timelines. It all felt like a very personal service. I would thoroughly recommend Lexmotion to anyone wanting to obtain Polish citizenship. Thanks for all your help during my application.

  • K. D. (United Kingdom)
    K. D. (United Kingdom)

    I have been delighted with the services provided by Lexmotion team. My application was dealt with very quickly and I was kept up to date throughout the whole process. I found them very professional and helpful and would not hesitate in recommending them.

    J.P (Australia)
    J.P (Australia)

    We found the Lexmotion Law Firm highly professional in our quest for Polish citizenship. They were communicative, gave fast informative responses, were clear in their understanding of the English language and translations and also gave regular updates on the applications progress.

    C.R (Argentina)
    C.R (Argentina)

    Lexmotion study has done a great job with my case, fulfilling what was promised in a timely manner. The company kept up the pace of work and has managed to get me to obtain all the necessary documents to apply for my Polish passport.  Excellent human treatment and very good professionals.  I recommend them. 

  • J.K. (United Kingdom)
    J.K. (United Kingdom)

    Please let me say what a pleasure it was working with Małgorzata Sroka and the Lexmotion team. I was delighted at the immediate response from Lexmotion’s founder Małgorzata Nowotyńska and the next day from Małgorzata Sroka, the senior citizenship specialist, clearly explaining my options for gaining Polish citizenship by descent and guiding me through the process to eventually obtaining a Polish passport. I was extremely pleased that emails were responded to promptly and any queries I had were explained very lucidly and I was constantly updated on how things were proceeding. Their professionalism totally reassured me that I was in good hands at all times. I would certainly highly recommend Lexmotion to anyone who requires information about and obtaining Polish citizenship.

    D. K. (USA)
    D. K. (USA)

    The timeframe for obtaining our confirmations trough Lexmotion was significantly faster compared to the time it takes to do it through the Polish Embassy. Their communication was excellent and they never failed to keep us informed. Thanks to the hard work of the Lexmotion team and the perseverance of my father, we are now blesses with our Polish Citizenship. This year, I hired their help again to process the confirmation of Polish Citizenship for my three children. I am happy to recommend Lexmotion and its extraordinary team!

    K.L (United Kingdom)
    K.L (United Kingdom)

    Ones to be recommended to anyone who is anxious and daunted with the volume of questions and form filling  required by the Polish Authorities, need not have any anxiety as LEXMOTION,  a firm of Polish bi-lingual lawyers, proficient in the English language, perfect grammar and oral presentation,  make it very accessible to any person whose ancestors, belonged, and were born in Poland.

  • K.O (United Kingdom)
    K.O (United Kingdom)

    Working with Lexmotion has been a fantastic experience and the process for me was made seamless with all the assistance and advice I received throughout. Communication from Lexmotion was superior! I was kept informed as things progressed with my citizenship and received prompt responses to my questions even with the time zone difference. Now I am officially a Polish citizen and I am so happy. All I have to do is apply for my passport and even that process has been made easy for me thanks to Lexmotion! So thank you so much! I highly recommend Lexmotion for anyone looking to acquire their citizenship or just require assistance in other matters with Polish paperwork.

Polish passport opens your way to European Union.

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