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Małgorzata (Nowotyńska) Magierska
Attorney at Law / Founder
Marcin Wesołowski
Managing Director
Anna Sławińska
Senior Polish Citizenship Specialist
Katarzyna Witek
Polish Citizenship Specialist
Agnieszka Pawlus
Polish Citizenship Specialist
Barbara Wróblewska
Polish Citizenship Specialist
Sylwia Radoń
Polish Citizenship Specialist
Monika Romanowska
Polish Citizenship Specialist
Karolina Michalska
Polish Citizenship Specialist
Anna Kastory
Polish Citizenship Specialist
Paulina Wrona
Polish Citizenship Specialist
Marta Balicka
Polish Citizenship Specialist
Kamil Łanuszka
Natalia Gruda
Polish Citizenship Specialist
Dominika Giza
Polish Citizenship Specialist
Olga Serwon
Office Assistant
Magdalena Kurzeja
Office Coordinator
Kateryna Reszetnyk
Polish Citizenship Specialist
Szymon Żesławski
Product Manager
Gabriela Kosakowska
Legal Adviser
Tomasz Jakubowski
Software Architect
Magda Nowotyńska
Marta Szybka
Notary Public
Arkadiusz Foryś
Legal Adviser

Lexmotion Law Firm of Attorney at Law Małgorzata (Nowotyńska) Magierska

Marszalka Jozefa Pilsudskiego street no. 40 apt 6
31-111 Krakow, Poland

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of legal advisors KR-2507
VAT NR: 675-13-17-344
REGON: 123136490

For Polish citizenship process initiation, contact us at:
+48 731 371 001

Existing clients with case-related queries, reach us at:
+48 791 731 001

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