Do you have Polish roots?

Result-based pricing

How it works

We offer result-based pricing. That means our pricing is based on the result we deliver. It’s simple, at the beginning of the Polish citizenship procedure you pay the 1st instalment (50%) and according to our result-based pricing, you don't have to pay the 2nd instalment (50%) if your Polish Citizenship Certificate is not issued because of reasons we have an influence on and reasons other than:

  1. Lexmotion is not granted a Power of Attorney to act on your behalf,
  2. we do not receive from you the documents indispensable for the procedure,
  3. the documents and information provided by you have incorrect or insufficient data,
  4. the interpretation of Polish citizenship regulations and relevant authorities practice changes during the procedure of getting a Polish Citizenship Certificate,
  5. you terminate the contract unilaterally.

As the outcome of the Polish document search is not something Lexmotion can control (the archives may not contain the information required), the fee for searching missing family documents is not covered by our result-based pricing.

So simple?

Yes, we keep the result based pricing so simple, because we almost never use it. We have a 98,45% success rate over the last five years.

Don’t worry, we are here to support you so that, together, we can complete the process successfully. We are always available should you ever have questions or need guidance.

What does 50% of the fee mean?

The fee for our services is always paid in two installments, the second being paid after we know that we’re successful already. If the procedure hits any issues because of reasons other than the ones mentioned above, we won’t charge you the 2nd instalment for Polish citizenship procedure. We also cover all the official costs.

Is document search is also covered by our result-based pricing?

Searching for missing family documents is not covered by our result-based pricing. The reason for this is that the searches are sometimes affected by factors outside of our control. However, due to our experience and familiarity with the archives, we can usually find your documents.

Contacting us about the result-based pricing

You don’t have to worry - we will contact you immediately in the rare case we cannot obtain a Polish Citizenship Certificate for you. Of course, we’ll be there to answer any questions you might have.

Resolving disputes

Any disputes that may arise out of, or in connection with, the procedure of certifying Polish citizenship shall be resolved by the court having jurisdiction over the registered office of Lexmotion.

(We had to include this bit, even though it’s not something we’ve ever had to resort to)

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