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How to get Polish citizenship by descent?

If you can prove that one of your ancestors was a Polish citizen — you can almost definitely claim your citizenship by confirming it with the Polish government.

You can either do it yourself — which will require you to know Polish language — or hire a representative that will do it for you remotely. Which also means you wouldn’t have to travel to Poland. Once you get your Polish citizenship confirmation certificate, you can receive a Polish passport.

Confirming your origins is also the easiest way to get Polish citizenship without a language test. In other cases — through residency and marriage — you have to pass a Polish language exam (level B1) on top of your qualifications.

How to get Polish citizenship by descent?

Is it worth getting a Polish citizenship?

Travel without visas

By getting a Polish passport by descent you automatically become an EU citizen and can enjoy one of the fundamental EU rights: the freedom of movement and residence. That means you can travel freely between 27 countries of the European Union, as well as European Economic Area and Switzerland. You can enter and leave the EU anytime you want without any visas. You can also live, work or study there for more than 90 days without any restrictions or extra documents. To top it, Polish passport also gets you visa-free access to over 120 countries, which makes it one of the top 10 most desirable travel documents in the world.

Travel without visas

Free healthcare

Poland and other European Union countries give you a free access to public healthcare, regardless of your medical insurance or employment status. Although certain details will vary, one of the major similarities across medical care systems in Europe is that ALL citizens are included. As a Polish citizen, you have the right to access healthcare and medical assistance in any EU country — and, in most cases, to be partially or fully reimbursed for care abroad by Polish authorities. You can also get the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) that allows you to receive medical treatment in EEA countries and Switzerland for free or at a reduced cost.

Free healthcare


As a Polish citizen, you can work anywhere in the EU without the the worry of getting an employer-sponsored visa or a work & residence permit. European companies look for talented professionals with experience in international settings, which creates a thriving, multicultural network of English-speaking expats. Europeans also proud themselves in a satisfying work-life balance and a minimum of 20 paid leave days (on top of all the paid holidays, like Christmas etc) per year. As a EU citizen, you’ll also enjoy the right to a state pension, with the average retirement age of 65 years.



With a Polish passport, you can easily register a new company (in many cases for less than EUR 100 in less than 3 working days), get access to European investors or launch a branch of an existing EU-based business in any EU country, Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein. There’s a free movement of goods, services and capital across the EU, which makes it easier and cheaper to trade as you save on the taxes and customs duties. It also gives you access to a massive talent market — with Poland itself being famous for its IT expert pool. If you're an entrepreneur, there are various EU funds and initiatives available to support start-ups and medium-sized enterprises.



Within primary & secondary education, Poland’s PISA scores in mathematics, reading and science are above the OECD average — placing them at the same level as Finland and Germany. Thanks to the Bologna system, students with Polish citizenship can easily study abroad via the Erasmus exchange program or choose to do their entire degree at one of the Europe's most prestigious universities like Swiss Institute of Technology, Sorbonne or University of Copenhagen. There’s also an abundance of fellowships, individual academic grants, as well as research and innovation funding programmes — including Horizon Europe, the Cohesion Fund or EU Prize for Women Innovators.


Property ownership

Another benefit of Polish citizenship by descent is the opportunity to own property in any of the EU countries without additional red tape — and at a lower cost for the same standard than in the most expensive US cities. On average, about 70% of the EU population lives in a household owned by them, while only 30% rents their homes — with Poland placed above that benchmark with 85% homeowners and 15% renters. That number drops significantly in countries like Germany and Austria, down to a 50:50 ratio. Whether it's your primary, holiday or retirement home — or property for rental income — investing and diversifying your portfolio in European real estate is better now than it has been in more than a decade. It is estimated that about 12-15 million EU citizens currently reside in another member state.

Property ownership

Plan B

In today’s ever changing political and social environment, an dual citizenship gives you and your family more freedom and options for work, travel, safe passage and consular assistance in scenarios beyond your control. EU citizenship gives you access to a huge geo-political region that you can enter anytime, also in case of emergency. It also allows you to manage your money and wealth differently, including legally restructuring your tax residency in low-tax countries like Malta, Czechia, Bulgaria or Romania. Whether you want to be a digital nomad or a full-time resident, EU citizenship comes with a range of benefits, from a satisfying lifestyle to diversified business opportunities, to a peaceful retirement choices.

Plan B

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You can see our pricing upfront and get a personalized offer as we get to know your case and documents. Not only there are no hidden costs — you can also save money with our family discount by applying for Polish citizenship by descent with more family members.


For your convenience, the payments are divided into installments — and the final one is payable only if we succeed in confirming your Polish Citizenship Certificate. Which, with thousands of satisfied clients and our 99.2% success rate, is rather likely.


You won’t have to make a single trip to Poland, speak the language or queue in Polish governmental institutions. Everything will be handled remotely — and in proficient English — by our experienced Team. Once done, we’ll send you all the important documents by post.


Lexmotion is your one stop solution in getting EU citizenship. Whether some missing documents need to be found in Polish archives or a divorce has to be registered by Polish authorities — our experienced genealogical and legal teams will take care of everything.

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