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If you are among the over 15 million people of Polish origin across the world, then you are halfway to having your Polish citizenship by descent. Basically, all you need is Polish origins and the papers to prove it. If you don’t have those documents to hand, don’t worry. We know the archives and can find them for you. There are no language requirements and you won’t need to travel to Poland. It’s all done remotely, up until you pick up your new passport at the nearest consulate. Over the past decade, hundreds of people have trusted us on their journey towards Polish citizenship.

Polish citizenship opens many doors

There are many reasons to get a Polish passport and many opportunities that it provides. Explore them, for yourself and your family.
By claiming your Polish citizenship you also become an EU citizen. Simply put, that means you gain the right to travel freely across the EU without spending time in queues at the airports and offices. You can live, study or work wherever you want inside the European Union. You can purchase real estate or run a business too. Take a great step and seize those opportunities. If you value being in the right place at the right time, then having a secondary passport is a wise choice.

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  • Y. Z.-B. (México)
    Y. Z.-B. (México)

    Eu realmente aprecio todo o aconselhamento e paciência. Tudo foi muito claro, honesto e sem problemas inesperados. Eu tenho recomendado vocês para outros parentes e recomendaria o escritório de vocês para qualquer pessoa interessada em obter a cidadania polonesa.

    A.B. (United Kingdom)
    A.B. (United Kingdom)

    I chose Lexmotion after reading about them online. From the outset they have shown the perfect balance of efficient professionalism and friendly support. You feel able to ask any questions without fear and soon realise that you can rely on swift and comprehensive responses. Each step of the process is explained clearly along with estimates of how long stages may take. I am very happy to recommend Lexmotion without reservation and in our case especially Karolina Pszczoła our assigned Polish Citizenship specialist. Many thanks to all those involved and we wish continued success to the whole team at Lexmotion.

    K. K. (USA)
    K. K. (USA)

    This is to certify that I have availed myself of the services of Lexmotion for an application for Polish citizenship, and that I am very satisfied with the outcome. Lexmotion nevertheless managed to overcome the legal hurdles. I received Polish Citizenship Certificate and I now look forward to being issued with a Polish passport in the near future.

  • R.O (United Kingdom)
    R.O (United Kingdom)

    Great work from the people there, always with a quick answer to email and any question. I'm from Brazil and their work with Polish and European archives were crucial. My case was not easy, documents were hard to find, but at the end it all worked out because of their job. Only have good things to say, recommend for everybody.

    D. K. (EUA)
    D. K. (EUA)

    O prazo para a obtenção de nossas confirmações através da Lexmotion foi significativamente mais rápido em comparação com o tempo necessário para fazê-lo através da Embaixada da Polônia. A comunicação com eles foi excelente e eles nunca deixaram de nos manter informados. Graças ao trabalho árduo da equipe da Lexmotion e à perseverança do meu pai, somos agora abençoados com a nossa cidadania polonesa. Este ano, eu contratei a ajuda deles novamente para fazer a confirmação da cidadania polonesa para meus três filhos. Fico feliz em recomendar a Lexmotion e sua equipe extraordinária!

    T. K. (Sudáfrica)
    T. K. (Sudáfrica)

    Personalmente estoy inmensamente impresionado con su eficiencia y profesionalismo en el manejo de mi caso. Avalo y recomiendo ampliamente los servicios de Lexmotion como representante. Vayan mis sinceros agradecimientos al equipo de Lexmotion por su amable asistencia.

  • V.R (United Kingdom)
    V.R (United Kingdom)

    I decided to apply for Polish citizenship. However  after searching for a suitable business to help with my application  I found Lexmotion. Throughout the entire process I found them to be constantly professional, efficent and reliable and I was kept totally updated with every movement. Also, to me personally, I was always treated respectfully, helpfully and felt totally supported. And finally I was charged the agreed fee with no hidden charges. Now  I am a proud Polish and British citizen thanks to Lexmotion. I would have no hesitation recommending Lexmotion to anybody that would like to use them.

    K.W (United Kingdom)
    K.W (United Kingdom)

    Małgorzata was extremely efficient and supportive throughout the process, responding promptly and clearly to all our questions and providing detailed updates on the progress of our application when requested. Her help was invaluable and very much appreciated.

    Z.S (USA)
    Z.S (USA)

    Thank you so much Lexmotion team for helping me confirm my Polish citizenship through my grandfather, all the way to receiving my Polish Passport. Lexmotions lawyers are very meticulous in their process and aim for the highest outcomes for their clients. I highly recommend the Lexmotion team!

  • J. T. (United Kingdom)
    J. T. (United Kingdom)

    We were very excited this week to hear of the positive confirmation of our Polish Citizenship. We cannot sufficiently express our gratitude to all of you for the time and attention that you gave to our application. Thank you for the thoroughness with which you prepared all of our documentation and for providing all of the necessary information to the Department as and when they requested it. Thank you again for everything – this has all been a wonderful experience.

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