If you are reading this you have probably been just informed that you are eligible for the Polish citizenship (if for whatever reason you are not sure, you can check it here for free). Should you apply for it and what’s in it for you? We have gathered the most important advantages of being a Polish citizen, to help you to take the right decision.

1. You get Polish citizenship – you become EU citizen.

Poland is one of the European Union Member States, therefore becoming Polish automatically makes you an EU citizen. The same mechanism applies to your children.

2. You have a right to travel freely around Europe and a lot easier around the world

European Union’s “Free Movement Directive” guarantees that you can travel freely around all EU countries + Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Switzerland. No more visas, less procedures, travelling around EU only with the ID card, no need for a passport. If you’d like more facilitations – here you go; there are special gates for EU citizens at the airports and no border control inside EU.
The same right extends to your designated family members (spouse, partner, children and grandchildren, parents and grandparents), even if they didn’t hold EU citizenship, provided they accompany you. Therefore, also your residential rights as EU citizen extend to your family members who share accommodation with you or move with that purpose.

Outside the EU being Polish is also beneficial sometimes, as Poles can travel to many countries without visas. Also there are countries where Polish Passport may be more welcome than one of your country’s.

3. You can live wherever you want in EU.

Not only travelling is easier, you can also live in all the EU countries without any restriction.

4. You can work everywhere in the EU

One of the greatest things of having Polish citizenship is the possibility to work in every of the 32 states of European Union, which also guarantees that you shall be offered the same remuneration and conditions of work and employment not worse than the citizens of the country you would like to work in.
There are, however, some limitations that you should be aware of; in some countries you may not be able to work in civil service or politics. You should check whether there are any restrictions in the country you would like to work in before taking the decision to move.

5. You can be an entrepreneur.

If opening your own business in Poland or EU is more attractive for you than working for someone else, you should also consider applying for Polish citizenship. There are many more possibilities if you are a EU citizen, not mentioning the grants both to open and run your business.

6. You are treated less like a foreigner

You have Polish blood in your veins, why should you be considered a foreigner? Having the Polish citizenship makes it all a lot easier. Imagine yourself buying a car, land, opening a bank account, or getting a mobile phone contract with and without citizenship – which situation is more comfortable for you? Obviously, things go smoother in Poland if you are Polish.


polish postal stamp which allows you to send postcards after receiving Polish Citizenship
Photo credit: karen horton CC BY-NC

7. You have access to public education system

Both Poland and other countries of the EU have a very good public education. Gaining the citizenship enables you to use schools and universities. There are also many attractive programmes that give you chance to study abroad.

8. Polish Citizenship just feels good!

We are not fortune tellers, but many people that went through the process were extremely happy after finally becoming a Polish citizen. Here are some testimonials.

9. You are protected against deportation.

We are all good people, however legal protection is also an important right of every Polish and EU citizen!

10. Secure your second citizenship.

The rules regarding possession of more than one citizenship may differ depending on your first citizenship, however, in most cases, your current citizenship will not be affected if you will become Polish citizen. You should always check your local laws before taking the decision.

This is, in our opinion, the best that you receive along with Polish citizenship. If there are any particular issues you would like to talk about, please contact us, we will try to give you more information.
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