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We're regular people, each of us extraordinary in their own way, just like you! We have our passions and we make a point of following our dreams - that's why we understand the importance of your dreams and goals. It is our strong belief that people should get to decide freely where to live and where to work. This is the main motivation behind our legal firm helping our clients, since 2006, to reach their life goals in Poland and other EU countries.

  • Małgorzata Nowotyńska Owner / Legal Adviser An open-minded, open-hearted professional with a mission to optimise her surrounding reality. She leads the firm as gracefully as she dances. She got her master's degree in law at the Jagiellonian University. Adept of the secret zen-driving techniques. Always looking for more tastes, sounds and colors to feed her senses. Observant - always sees which way the wind blows.
  • Krzysztof Banek Legal Adviser A lawyer by day, a philosopher in the evenings. He likes to know and understand things thoroughly. Fills the silence with music and his imagination with images taken from good movies. Law PhD at the Jagielonian University. As a coaching professional he offers advice and inspiration to others. Life experience fuels his drive towards personal development.
  • Małgorzata Sroka Senior Citizenship Specialist She's personally responsible for Poland gaining hundreds of new citizens! Fell in love with Kraków while doing her master's at the Jagiellonian University. An avid John Mayer and Quentin Tarantino fan. Never says "no" to a good book, as long as there's time to read. Fashion buff. Can tell you all about the latest style trends, but she loves beautiful cars just as much. Her dream is to visit the islands of the Indian Ocean - soon!
  • Karolina Pszczoła Senior Stay Permit Specialist Always energetic, never low-spirited. Her light-hearted demeanor wins her friends in immigration offices across Poland. A PhD student of the Jagiellonian University. Opposes all things crude and unorderly. Ukrainian culture aficionado and psychology adept. Loves classic novels, chocolate and her travels to the East.
  • Justyna Ortman Senior Citizenship Specialist If the Nobel prise was awarded for being effective in getting Polish passports, Justyna could have been expecting invitation to Stockholm at any time. She follows the words of Saint Augustine - "The world is a book and those which do not travel condemn themselves to read only one page over and over again". In a deep, meaningful and passionate relationship with Italy and her husband (for better or worse - not Italian).

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Getting Polish citizenship and passport made easy.

Lexmotion makes it easy to obtain Polish citizenship. Our legal team will be at your side through the whole process, until your Polish passport rests safely in your hand. We have vast experience in providing that kind of help to people in similar position as you. We know you've got better things to do than getting buried in formalities! No need to worry - we'll think of everything for you.

Legitimising your stay. Work and business in Poland.

Already living in Poland? Considering the life-changing choice of moving here? Reach out to us! We'll answer all your questions about the stay card, work permit, everything you need to conduct business in Poland. We'll provide you with many useful tips and invaluable contacts. Relying on our vast experience, our clients tell us about their needs on daily basis, and we're always there for them to help!

Our clients become our friends

  • It is our great pleasure to warmly and highly recommend the very professional and correct process we've been through our effort to obtain the Polish citizenship.

    Hava Kremer (Israel)
  • Lexmotion team are friendly, professional, and thorough. With their help I obtained my Polish Citizenship without delay or difficulty. All of my questions were answered clearly and quickly, and they made the whole process very easy. They provide an excellent, swift and effective service, and I highly recommend Lexmotion team.

    A. Kuc (United Kingdom)
  • As it is too difficult to obtain Polish citizenship in my home town, Curitiba, Brazil, I am very gratefull that with your assistance we were able to receive them so promtuosly. Therefore, I'm glad to say that we've already reccomended your services to other people that are entitled to citizenship.

    Betina Treiger Grupenmacher (Brazil)
  • I was born in Poland and my late husband was Italian. Our son Joshua was born in South Africa. As I never got around to sorting out my sons Polish citizenship, it became a problem as I wanted to move to the United Kingdom. I obtained a temporary Polish Passport for my son at the Polish consulate in South Africa, but was told I would need to apply for a Polish birth certificate for my son. I set about on finding legal advise and came upon Krzysztof Banek. the whole process from my arrival in Krakow Poland took about four weeks, and now my son is a proud Polish citizen like his mama. (just have to work on his Polish) Mr Banek and staff where amazing, friendly, pleasant and very very helpful. I would recommend this law firm to anyone needing private business done in Poland. I will also be using them from now on for any other matters I should need to be dealt with in a very professional way in the future. P.S. I sent notice for the certificates I would require from South Africa for this matter, it cost me a £1000.00 and it took them four months to arrive by me in Scotland. So the Law office of Krzysztof Banek, well that's what I call service.

    Jan Supski (Australia)
  • Personally, I am immensely impressed with their efficiency and professionalism in dealing with my case. I highly endorse and recommend the use of Lexmotion to serve as proxy. My sincere thanks go out to Lexmotion team for their kind assistance.

    T. Kohn (South Africa)

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