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If you are among the over 15 million people of Polish origin across the world, then you are halfway to having your Polish citizenship by descent. Basically, all you need is Polish origins and the papers to prove it. If you don’t have those documents to hand, don’t worry. We know the archives and can find them for you. There are no language requirements and you won’t need to travel to Poland. It’s all done remotely, up until you pick up your new passport at the nearest consulate. Over the past decade, hundreds of people have trusted us on their journey towards Polish citizenship.

Polish citizenship opens many doors

There are many reasons to get a Polish passport and many opportunities that it provides. Explore them, for yourself and your family.
By claiming your Polish citizenship you also become an EU citizen. Simply put, that means you gain the right to travel freely across the EU without spending time in queues at the airports and offices. You can live, study or work wherever you want inside the European Union. You can purchase real estate or run a business too. Take a great step and seize those opportunities. If you value being in the right place at the right time, then having a secondary passport is a wise choice.

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  • J.K. (USA)
    J.K. (USA)

    Working with Lexmotion to obtain Polish citizenship was simple, professional and fast. Karolina thoughtfully guided me through every step of the process while answering any questions I had in a timely manner. After a few months I eagerly received citizenship status and Karolina also assisted in my passport application. I’d highly recommend working with Karolina and Lexmotion- Thank you!

    A. D. (United Kingdom)
    A. D. (United Kingdom)
    I have been amazed at how easy it seemed. Everything happened exactly as you described in your original emails, Michał. The whole process was clearly explained and you kept me informed at each step. Even when there was a long wait sometimes, you still kept emailing to keep me up to date. I can't fault anything. I can now apply for a Polish passport here in Scotland as Lexmotion has provided all the forms and filled them out for me. As a result of your searches I now have birth certificates for my grandparents and my dad as well as some interesting paperwork from my dad's time in a displaced persons’ camp after WW2. I had never seen these before. So it has been money well- spent. I would highly recommend Lexmotion to anyone trying to obtain Polish citizenship. They have provided me with a very professional service but at the same time it always felt very personalised.
    S. G. (Australia)
    S. G. (Australia)

    I recently engaged Lexmotion in order to facilitate my application for Polish citizenship. The consultant assigned to my case was extremely competent, always ensuring that I was updated with the progress of my application and ensured all aspects of the process were followed with professionalism. I was most impressed with the consultant's patience and clarity in explaining the process and the requirements that I needed to fulfil.

  • D. T. (USA)
    D. T. (USA)

    Lexmotion staff, including Małgorzata Sroka, will work on your behalf for very reasonable rates. A lot of the work you'll have to do on your own—tracking down documents outside of Poland and obtaining apostilles and the like—but they will expertly translate everything. Multiple citizenship can open up new world's of travel and culture and be a way of expressing pride in your heritage. They are amazing at communicating all things and calming any snags you might run across, and I've recommended them to other family members.

    T. K. (South Africa)
    T. K. (South Africa)

    Personally, I am immensely impressed with their efficiency and professionalism in dealing with my case. I highly endorse and recommend the use of Lexmotion to serve as proxy. My sincere thanks go out to Lexmotion team for their kind assistance.

    E.G. (United Kingdom)
    E.G. (United Kingdom)

    As others have said before me, Lexmotion have done exactly what it says on the tin! Completely trustworthy, speedy in their responses and friendly throughout. I could never have done this single-handedly, it was money well spent. I and my children are delighted to be Polish citizens. Thank you!

  • D. B. (África do Sul)
    D. B. (África do Sul)

    Estendo minha mais sincera gratidão à Lexmotion por ajudar minha família e à mim com nossa solicitação da cidadania polonesa. Não hesitaria em recomendar seu escritório para aqueles que pretendam solicitar a cidadania polonesa. A Lexmotion preenche todos os requisitos quando se trata de serviço, simpatia e profissionalismo.

    P.R. (Brasil)
    P.R. (Brasil)

    Investigué mucho antes de elegir un servicio legal para tramitar el reconocimiento de mi ciudadanía polaca, y terminé optando por Lexmotion. ¡Debo decir que fue una excelente elección! A través de todo el proceso, la asesoría brindada por los profesionales de Lexmotion fue muy clara, objetiva y además siempre muy seria y competente. Además de que siempre fueron muy profesionales y se mostraron dispuestos a contestar a to

    H. K. (Israel)
    H. K. (Israel)

    É com grande satisfação que recomendamos o processo bastante profissional e correto pelo qual passamos a fim de obtermos a cidadania polonesa. Para nossa grande surpresa, demoramos apenas alguns meses para concluir todo o processo e obter o documento oficial final. Gostaríamos de agradecer à equipe da Lexmotion pelo excelente serviço e desejar a eles tudo de bom!

  • D. K. (EUA)
    D. K. (EUA)

    O prazo para a obtenção de nossas confirmações através da Lexmotion foi significativamente mais rápido em comparação com o tempo necessário para fazê-lo através da Embaixada da Polônia. A comunicação com eles foi excelente e eles nunca deixaram de nos manter informados. Graças ao trabalho árduo da equipe da Lexmotion e à perseverança do meu pai, somos agora abençoados com a nossa cidadania polonesa. Este ano, eu contratei a ajuda deles novamente para fazer a confirmação da cidadania polonesa para meus três filhos. Fico feliz em recomendar a Lexmotion e sua equipe extraordinária!

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