Do you have Polish roots?

Pricing as clear
as our process

Our pricing system has no hidden fees. Before making any decisions, you will receive a personalized offer. Payment happens in installments. You pay the second one only after receiving your Polish Citizenship Certificate.

Eligibility check Free
Completing information for document search Free
Polish citizenship confirmation $1700/per person
Documents search (optional, if required) $380 - $850 per person
Divorce registration (optional, if required) $750/per person
Documents delivery (Polish citizenship certificate, Polish passport applications, birth/marriage certificate registered in Poland) Free
Family discount Enjoy our flexible discount structure tailored to the size of your family. Our offers become more rewarding as your family size increases, allowing for substantial savings for larger families on the final price.

What you get for this price

Our team of experienced genealogists, lawyers, and citizenship experts will assist you from the beginning till the very end of your application process. You don’t have to speak Polish or fly to Poland, as everything will be taken care of for you.

Here’s how Lexmotion specialists will help you at every step of your citizenship journey:

1 Assessment & Support

Agnieszka and Katarzyna and the rest of the Assessment & Support Team are your first stop on this journey. They go through your eligibility test results and — if you qualify to start the citizenship application — they prepare your personalized offer, including a family discount. They are here to answer your questions and will be in touch via email, phone and Zoom.

Assessment & Support

2 Research & Analysis

Ewelina and Kamil and the rest of the Research & Analysis Team are professional genealogists and citizenship specialists that will look high and low to collect any missing documents. That includes being in close cooperation with the national, church or military archives to find the certificates strong enough to support your case.


Research & Analysis

3 Service Delivery

Sylwia and the rest of the Service Delivery Team are the ones building your case. They fill out your application and submit it along with all the documents to the correct provincial governor. They are in regular contact both with you and the Polish authorities — navigating the case and being your reliable middle man until the citizenship certificate is ready to deliver.

Service Delivery

4 Administration

Kateryna, Arkadiusz and the rest of the Administration Team are working closely with the Service Delivery Team. They ensure that your documents are translated into Polish by a sworn translator, register your vital records in the right institutions, and secure that all the applications and fees are submitted on time. Once your Polish descent is confirmed, they gather all the documents and certificates you need to apply for a Polish passport — and send them to you via a courier.


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For Polish citizenship process initiation, contact us at:
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Existing clients with case-related queries, reach us at:
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